Saturday, December 29, 2012

Daily Tao / 363 - Night


In night's vast ocean,
Sun, moon, and earth align,
Pulling the earth out of roundness
And making tides rage.
Such is the power of night.

Night. You are mother of all. You existed before all. You are the background, the fabric, the whole underpinning of the universe.

In you is abstruse mystery, darker than the deepest water, blacker than the sleep of sleeps. You are an inconceivable fertility, a wild and uncontrollable realm from which strangeness and power and creativity and mutation and life spring. The miracle of birth comes from you. And the horror of death. That is why you both comfort and frighten us.

Stars and planets are scattered through you like luminescent pearls. You string them on your current effortlessly, and the pull of syzygy is so tremendous that the birth shape of the earth is pulled out of roundness, the seas exceed their brims, and the heads and hearts of all the creatures on this planet are made to pound and wonder in dazzled confusion.

When stars and novas burst, energy untold is unleashed -- explosions of such magnitude that human intellect and instruments could never hope to measure even if made superior by a hundredfold -- and yet these flames burn out, sputter, become mere dim coals in the supreme expanse that is night.

Night. You are mother without a mother. You are mystery and power and ruler of all time.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Daily Tao / 362 - Emptiness



Dust cannot gather
If there is no mirror there.

Some people have compared a pure soul to the unsullied brightness of a perfect mirror.

Others have retorted that if there is no mirror there in the first place, then there cannot be anything to be sullied. The soul is empty.

We should not think of our souls as discrete and separate from the rest of creation. We are indeed one with everything, so there is no need to think of our souls as isolated entities. Thus, it is the concept of the soul as separate being that is empty.

It is impossible to live in this world and not be sullied by it. The red dust will settle on you no matter how often you clean. It is good to strive for purity, but if you conceive of purity as a fight against the filth and the dust of the world, you doom yourself to obsession and futility. The only way to achieve actual purity is to realize your essential oneness with all things. If you are one with everything, then even filth is pure. For this to happen, you must transcend all distinctions in yourself, resolve all contradictions. With this erasure, the mirror-bright soul and the dust are all dissolved in a single purity.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

29 Years Ago ...


29 years ago today, I started a job that would end up being my career. Six years earlier, the airline industry had been de-regulated, and I was coming in on what would be the end of the "golden age" of air-travel. Airlines like Braniff were disappearing while others the People Express ( the grandather of the discounts llike Southwest ) were just showing up on the scene.  You could still get prime rib sliced fresh in front of you on long-haul flights and watching 1/2 the plane light-up after the no smoking light went out was always fun for kid like me. 

Into this atmosphere stepped an 18 year-old kid whose father was an anirline person hmself. My first job, working at the United Airlines flight kitchen in Denver almost never happened. My father gave my application to a work colleague who gave it a spouse who gave it to the person who ran the kitchen. ( got that ? ) The interview with this gentleman was short and sweet - Hi, how are you? Are you a union person or not ? ( to which a naive kid said no ) and last but not least, when can you start ? Me - now ! His response was "welcome board".  I was then sent across the street to the United Flight training center where our medical offices where for a physical and this is where the story gets fun.  

Walking in to the offices the female manager/boss asked me what i was doing there ( with no apparent appointment in the books ) and told here that I was just hired and was told to come here for my physical.  She informed me that I wasn't hired, and probably wouldn't be hired because of broken protocol,  and was told in so many words to leave.  Now these buildings. The flight Kitchen and flight Training center literally shared the same parking lot, so i left and proceeded back to the Kitchen where I pleaded my case the manager who had just interviewed me. This ended with me sitting at his desk while several phone calls where made which grew more and more heated with each conversation. Most of them went like this ( from my end because i could only hear what the Kitchen manager was saying) ... " he's hired because i SAID SO & I'm not taking any more crap from you!! ". I was then told to go back to the medical center ..... 

This lady was not happy. She made that point to me several times saying that if she had any say I would be pemanently banned from United because I had gone over her head.  I tried to explain that I was only doing what I had been told by the other management people at the building over there, but she wouldn't have any of it.   

This all happened on about December 20th ...  on December 24th I got a phone call from United Employment congratulating me on being hired and was told to report for duty on December 26th at 4am. 

... I was late. my first day. by 10 minutes. 

There have been many ups and downs since then, from traveling the world to seeing the world come down around the airlines.  Every time I think I've seen it all someting else happens. And after 29 years I really am looking forward to the 20 ... ( I am young enough still - smh ) 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Robb's One-Word Movie Review


Best. Bond. Ever.  ( ok - so it's three words ) 

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Death, that struck when I was most in need ...

( with all apologies to Emily Bronte ) 



Death, that struck when I was most in need 
In my certain Faith of joy to caffiene, 
Strike again, The on switch's old worn button  
From years of use and despairity !

Grinds upon thy filter, were waiting brightly, 
Full of flavor and of silver dew; 
Mugs, 'near its carafe, gathered tightly; 
Daily, round its flowing, the browned brew.

Sorrow passed and plucked the golden liquid, 
Guilt stripped of the broken inside; 
But, within its parent's kindly bosom,
Flowed forever Keurig's restoring tide.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Retro Saturday -

After an extended hiatus , I'm back !

And to celebrate Denver's Pridefest 2012; and oldie, but goodie